10 Things You Should Know If You Consider Moving To Hobe Sound, Florida

Beautiful Hobe Sound, Florida appeals to visitors from around the world. Situated just South of  Port St. Lucie, along the gorgeous Atlantic shore of far Southeastern Florida, the community of over 12,000 people enjoys proximity to internationally renowned beaches, including the first Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge, one of the State’s last remaining stretches of pristine coastline. The region’s sunny, warm climate and lush tropical vegetation has attracted tourists for generations. When you journey to this lovely enclave, you might decide to remain here permanently.

Hobe Sound Real Estate

The regulations and practices governing the sale and rental of real estate in Hobe Sound comply with the overall Florida law. People are searching for bargains and sometimes discover enticing values in this locale.

With much to offer to newcomers, the delightful small town ambiance of the community creates a warm, welcoming environment. If you’ve longed to escape the hectic schedules and crowded, impersonal settings of urban landscapes, the quiet, relaxed pace of life in peaceful Hobe Sound will offer a refreshing, nurturing alternative. Consider moving to this intimate part of Southeastern Florida.

Ten Important Real Estate Facts

You’ll probably want to learn as much as possible about this location. Keep these ten essential property points in mind as you search for a residence here:

Appreciating Median Home Prices

Recent statistics for the median home price in Hobe Sound, Florida list $186,100 as the median price for a home. In 2013, houses and condos were sold for a median value of $146,005, significantly larger than 2000, when the median price was $87,900. These figures remain lower than the sales prices of homes in numerous communities in Florida, yet the gradual increases in value do reflect property appreciation. People seeking substantial real estate growth often focus upon long-term increases in median prices of residential dwellings in communities.

A Growing Population

Another economic indicator suggesting favorable real estate prospects for Hobe Sound relates to the town’s ongoing population increases. In evaluating properties, a steadily rising population may signify long-term value, because more and more people want to live in the community. Since 2000, a period before the “Great Recession” that occurred between 2007 and 2009, Hobe Sound witnessed an impressive population increase of 15.28%.

A Generally Well-Educated Community

Hobe Sound’s population boasts some impressive educational statistics. Fully 88.5% of adult residents possess high school diplomas, nearly nine out of every ten. Over one in five residents holds a bachelor’s degree from a college, and almost 10% have graduated from advanced academic or professional programs. A high level of education within a community usually indicates a diverse pool of skills and talents, a resource which many employers may find appealing.

Low Unemployment Figures

Hobe Sound enjoys an unemployment rate of 5.7%, compared to the rate of 6.3% for the United States. The small number speaks to the convenient access people in the community possess to local jobs and businesses. Residents of Hobe Sound commute easily in a North-South direction using Highway 1, Florida’s oceanfront roadway linking communities along the coast.

With Port St. Lucie providing ample opportunities for employment to the North and bustling Jupiter and Riviera Beach just a short drive to the South, Hobe Sound’s population fills jobs in nearby communities. Interstate-95 furnishes seamless roadway transportation to Miami, just 125 miles away.

A High Projected Job Growth Rate

During the next decade, some sources project an employment growth rate of 41.7%, which is a very significant increase in the area. The sharp increase in employment would bode well for property owners in this location that will be able to pay higher prices and invest in property facilities in the area.

Education Resources

Although Hobe Sound remains a small town, it provides a location for public and private elementary schools. Young children enjoy access to several high-quality educational resources like Hobe Sound Elementary School, The Pine School, or Hobe Sound Christian Academy. Additionally, they possess the ability to choose between different types of school systems that either focuses on energy and environmental activities, on traveling and summer schools, or on religious teachings.  Children can attend classrooms situated within the community and socialize with neighbors.

Stunning Local Scenery and Recreational Opportunities

The beauty of the surrounding area remains one of Hobe Sound’s most significant attractions. As a small town along Florida’s Treasure Coast, the enclave provides a site for admiring incredible Atlantic Ocean vistas. From vibrant dawns and dusks along the shore to the rugged beauty of nearby windswept Jupiter Island, Hobe Sound possesses some splendid natural attractions. Close access to St. Lucie Inlet Preserve State Park and Jonathan Dickinson State Park delight residents who enjoy participating in activities such as hiking, sports, and even free reading. Outdoor recreational opportunities abound at swampy Lake Okeechobee just a short drive along Highway 76 to the west.

Hurricane Potential

People relocating to Hobe Sound must consider the hurricane potential in Florida. Although rare, hurricanes and intense storms do sometimes batter the area. When you select a property in the community, you’ll want to consider evacuation protocols for these types of natural disasters.

Shopping and Dining Opportunities

Residents of Hobe Sound possess excellent access to fine shopping and dining opportunities. Although the community remains primarily residential, it does boast proximity within 2.5 to 14.3 miles to 18 malls and shopping plazas. People who move to Hobe Sound from urban centers won’t lack opportunities to eat at nice restaurants and go to stores to search for consumer goods.

A Solid Medical Infrastructure

Hobe Sound’s population obtains medical services from four nearby facilities: Martin Memorial Hospital South, Sandy Pines Treatment Center, Martin Memorial Medical Center, and Jupiter Medical Center. The availability of health care services assists residents of the community and offer the best medical services in the area.

As you consider relocating to Hobe Sound, don’t overlook personally important factors involved in your decision. Pleasant coastal Florida attracts many people seeking a more rewarding, satisfying lifestyle. Your intuition could lead you towards an exciting future in one of the most scenic small towns in the Sunshine State. Contact Florida Living Realty and we will be able to assist you through the entire process and help you with our real estate expertise.