The Top 5 Restaurants in Hobe Sound

Visitors flock to Hobe Sound, Florida for its distinctive, laid-back vibe. From the sparkling blue waters of the Atlantic coastline to lush parklands, Hobe Sound offers something for everyone. And when it’s time to enjoy a meal, nothing tops the area’s most illustrious restaurants. Here are the top five, can’t-miss restaurants to visit while you’re enjoying your time in Hobe Sound.

Harry and the Natives

Harry and the Natives
(772) 546-3061

Once a humble, tourist-friendly cafe, Harry and the Natives is recognized today as one of the top restaurants in the area. Owner Harry MacArthur’s illustrious culinary history began in that very cafe, as a mere toddler delivering water to tables. He developed a solid foundation, working as a chef at the Sheraton Grand Los Angeles and publishing recipes in reputed magazines. When he returned to town in 1989, it was to take the helm of the family business.

And so Harry and the Natives was born, offering a triad of menus. Guests love the hearty breakfast offerings, which range from generously filled omelettes to fruity French toast. The eatery claims it’s sold over six million burgers – no surprise, given its propensity for both the classic (hamburgers and turkey burgers) and the unconventional (bun-free burgers and genuine gator burgers). No dinner would be complete without a taste of Harry’s seafood, including mahi punctuated by white wine and crab cakes paired with a zesty Caribbean sauce.

The property is constructed of locally sourced cypress and bears an especially breezy, carefree vibe. Tables and walls are peppered with old-school newspaper clippings and humorous placards, a hint of Harry’s own mischievous streak. Friendly and flavorful, Harry and the Natives represents the best of the city.

Flash Beach Grille

Flash Beach Grille
(772) 545-3969

Locals may recognize the fare at Flash Beach Grille from area events, where the company often provides catered delicacies for everything from weddings to intimate dinners for two. Yet it’s at the actual restaurant where guests and visitors indulge in good ol’ Floridian eats with an eclectic twist. The vibe is casually eccentric, with seashell-adorned tables and earthy beaded napkin holders that could double as surfer bracelets. Outdoor seating feels especially low-key thanks to sandy floors and straw umbrellas.

Beyond the fantastic ambiance, the food stands second to none. Visitors flock to Flash Beach Grille for the obvious lunch and dinner standouts: marvelous seafood presentations, elaborately laid out with dazzling side dishes that include crispy French fries and fresh melon salads. Not to be missed is the Hula Girl Hibachi, a crowd favorite pairing grilled jumbo shrimp and scallops with stir-fried vegetables. The seafood-rich menu includes delightfully rich conch fritters, or hush puppy-style bites paired with flavorful sauces. Just popping in? Flash Beach Grille is the place to go for an easy drink at the tiki-inspired bar. Two giant jars of homemade sangria await at this veritable seafood paradise.

The Courtyard Grill

The Courtyard Grill
(772) 546-2900

Fine dining has never looked so good. At The Courtyard Grill, elegant surroundings couple with quality ingredients, yielding a European experience ideal for a special occasion or a more upscale than average meal. Open for dinner only, the cozy restaurant feels warm and homey, reminiscent of old-world Italy with its traditional décor and handsome wooden bar, where guests can choose from lengthy wine and cocktail lists.

Exquisite eats populate the menu, from rich pastas overloaded with cheeses and accented by flavorful sauces, to sumptuous meat dishes, including lamb chops and half-roasted duck. These are well executed, bearing all the fineries you’d expect of the most high-end eateries. Dishes are complemented by wild rice, imported mushrooms and linguine, solidifying the idea that, at least for one night, you’re spending the evening in an Italian oasis.

The Hunter's Grill

The Hunter’s Grill
(772) 210-2350

The Hunter’s Grill tradition dates to 2012, when this elegant establishment opened in the city. It quickly earned a reputation as one of the area’s most upscale dining options. Foodies and casual eaters alike crowd this restaurant with the lodge-style interior. It captures a warm, relaxed atmosphere, with grand chandeliers casting their glow over traditional, cloth-covered tables.

The menu comes to life with a wide range of seafoods, not limited to classics like bacon-stuffed clams and pan seared crab cakes. Diners with more refined tastes find refuge in roasted duck marinated in succulent Grand Marnier orange sauce and lamb chops encrusted with crisp walnut. The basics, such as salads and burgers, earn high praise for their generous portions. Its location in a modest shopping center may seem obscure, but the atmosphere and food are the complete antithesis.

Taste Casual Dining

Taste Casual Dining
(772) 546-1129

Though “casual” may not inspire visuals of the best food in the area, that couldn’t be further from the truth at Taste Casual Dining. The relaxed eatery provides mouth-watering lunch and dinner options in an easy setting dominated by colorful wall art and welcoming tables. A fully covered patio dining area overlooks an abundant garden and is flanked by lush, vibrant greenery.

It’s the perfect setting for a menu full of the best homestyle dishes, including everything from spinach salads and stuffed tomatoes to Philly cheesesteaks and grilled salmon. Devotees swear by some of the most unique dishes, including goat cheese chicken and the house specialty Savannah gorgonzola salad. There’s something for everyone at this unassuming restaurant.